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Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - The Forum

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Floor Plan

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San Francisco Map Fair - Exhibitor Registration

Booth Information

  • Booths 1 - 30 are will all be supplied with a back wall. Some booths will also have one side wall. The walls are made up of portable wall partitions that can have items secured to them using push pins, Velcro, or by hanging with a hook the is secured at the top of the wall.

    • These booths will all be 7’6” high and will vary in width between 12’6” or 14’ (end cap booths). Each booth will come with a combination of 6’ or 8’ tables. Exhibitors may extend 8’ out from the back wall of the booth.

    • The booths will not include individual lighting, but the lighting crew at YBCA will be able to spot light every booth from above. There will also be ample ambient light throughout the room.

  • Booths A - F are positioned along the east wall of the forum. They will all include a maximum of (3) 6’ tables in a U formation. Table top book shelves and show cases may be rented for an additional cost (See below).

  • These booths are designated for non-profits and institutional organizations.

  • All exhibitors may elect to bring in their own equipment (print racks, book shelves, table coverings, etc.). Any equipment requiring additional electrical work or significant union labor may be subject to an extra charge on site.

  • All booths will be fully equipped with a electrical, company signage, table(s), table linen, and a trash bag.

    Below is an example of the portable wall partitions that will make up the center aisles of the fair.


Optional Rental Equipment

Print Rack M.jpg
Print Rack L.jpg

Medium Print Rack: $20


Large Print Rack: $40

seethrough_blk_perspective copy.jpg

Glass Case 60” x 20” x 75”: $350


Glass Case 72” x 20” x 75”: $400

Folding Bookshelf.jpg

Counter Case 5’: $300 or 6’: $350


Table Top Bookshelf: $40


Exhibitor Registration

Primary Exhibitor *
Primary Exhibitor
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Lecture Series Slot
Only available to non-profit organizations
Additional Equipment
If you would like more than one of the rental items listed above, please note how many. You can change this number at a later date based on your needs, but we will need to provide the supplier with a rough estimate.
Fair Program Advestising
Booth selection order is based on the order of which registration forms are received. Priority will also be given to those that choose to donate to HIYHF or sponsor the fair. All sponsorship funds will be used to market the fair.
Any donation made will be used to fund H.I.Y.H.F. programs
Any Sponsorship amount will be spent on extra marketing of the San Francisco Map Fair.